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The outcome of gallbladder carcinoma is poor, and the overall 5-year survival rate is less than 5 percent. In early-stage disease, a 5-year survival rate up to 75 percent can be achieved if stage-adjusted therapy is performed. However only a third of gallbladder carcinomas are recognized preoperatively. In most patients, the tumor is diagnosed by the pathologist after a routine cholecystectomy for a benign disease and is termed ‘‘incidental or occult gallbladder carcinoma’’ (IGBC). The German registry for occult gallbladder carcinoma was founded in 1997 and records the largest number of incidental/occult gallbladder carcinomas in Europe.  It aims to collect the necessary data to further improve understanding and treatment of IGBC and is supported by the CAMIC and CAES workgroups of the German society for general and visceral surgery DGAV an institution of the German Society of Surgery (DGHC).

How to contribute

We kindly ask medical doctors and researcher to contribute to this registry. Please report relevant cases of occult / incidental gallbladder carcinoma to goetze.thorsten[at]khnw.de

Thank you very much!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Thorsten Oliver Götze. M.D.
Institut of Clinical Cancer Research
Krankenhaus Nordwest gGmbH
Steinbacher Hohl 2-26
60488 Frankfurt /GERMANY

Tel.: +49 69 – 76 01 44 20
Fax: +49 69 – 76 01 36 55

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